Government Facility Cleaning Services - Pittsburgh

When security and reliability matter.

Our government buildings are foundational to our community and represent our way of life. Each and every citizen is impacted by the work performed daily within these buildings. Government institutions must have extremely high cleanliness standards and maintain absolute security. Missed cleanings or questionable procedures can’t be tolerated.

Blue River Cleaning is an established commercial cleaning and janitorial services company with a proven record of reliable, consistent service. We pride ourselves on our integrity, excellence, and professionalism. After all, these are our first three core values.
Blue River Cleaning utilizes written procedures to manage all aspects of our business. From the pre-hire process to training to our inspection process, nothing is left to chance. In addition to following these existing operational processes, we create a completely customized cleaning program for every facility that we clean. This program includes a set of detailed procedures that addresses the specific needs of the individual building. These requirements must be followed every time we are in the facility. Our extensive training program as well as our formal inspection process ensures that these specifications are followed precisely.
At Blue River Cleaning, safety and security are paramount. This begins even before we hire the individuals who will be cleaning your building. Before being hired, our employees undergo thorough background checks. They must then complete safety and security training prior to starting an on-site job assignment. These measures, along with the rest of our operational system, ensure that we provide you with the safest, most secure, and most reliable office cleaning and janitorial services possible.
A clean, safe, and secure government building communicates to taxpayers that their government is handling its duties in a responsible manner. Let Blue River Cleaning manage the cleanliness of the building while you deal with the business of government.