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Industrial and manufacturing facilities have a diverse set of cleaning requirements. Within one building, you may find conference rooms, loading docks, cubicles, restrooms, assembly areas, break rooms, a daycare, a warehouse, and the manufacturing floor. These spaces will have many different flooring types, from carpet to VCT to cement. Each of these rooms and floors have different cleaning needs but, despite the differences, the cleanliness of each area directly affects your business’ productivity and safety.
Blue River Cleaning provides industrial cleaning and janitorial services to factories, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities. We have the experience to craft a unique cleaning program for your plant. We start by understanding your operational flow. Do you need us to clean your public areas every night but your offices only once a week? Does your facility operate 24/7, requiring multiple cleanings or a full-time janitor on-site? Then, we’ll look at the specific tasks your facility would benefit from. You may need detail dusting each time or your building may only require the executive offices to be vacuumed weekly. By looking at each space and by speaking with you about your needs, we will develop the most efficient, cost-effective, and appropriate plan for your facility.
Throughout the program that we develop to clean your industrial facility, Blue River Cleaning will ensure that all safety and security standards are adhered to. Our employees complete an approved OSHA safety training prior to working on-site. They understand that safety matters. We’ll provide you with documentation of the cleaning tasks completed at your facility so that your records are up to date and you meet all the necessary manufacturing and industry guidelines.
Blue River Cleaning has the experience and expertise to meet the varied needs found in industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our services allow you to provide your employees with a work environment that’s healthy, pleasant, and safe. This reduces sick days, improves morale, and increases productivity. In addition, our services help you protect your company’s reputation. The quality of your workplace as well as the attractiveness of your facility represents your company to your customers, vendors, and the community. Blue River Cleaning helps you safeguard your company’s brand by communicating the right message to your business partners and the general public.

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