Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning - Pittsburgh

To get fit, you have to start with a clean and healthy environment.

Your customers come to your fitness center because they want to be healthy. They judge your gym by what they see. But, it’s not just the lack of dirt and dust that matters. Your health club must also be free of germs and bacteria. Your clients come to your gym to be healthy, not to leave with a cold or flu virus.

Blue River Cleaning will customize a cleaning plan for your fitness center so that it is spotless and germ-free. We will be sure to dust, empty trash, and thoroughly sweep/mop all the floors. At the same time, we’ll disinfect all high-touch points on fitness equipment as well as on other surfaces like door handles and hand rails. Though your clients are to clean the equipment after they use it, we can disinfect it with commercial grade disinfectants during each cleaning. This will ensure that germs and bacteria are destroyed.

And what about those locker rooms?

Blue River Cleaning knows that cleaning showers daily will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. We also know that properly cleaned and disinfected bathrooms will stop the spread of germs and allow the locker rooms to smell fresh and clean. Our cleaning procedures and chemicals properly disinfect hard surfaces and they prevent cross contamination through the use of our color-coded cleaning cloth system.

Allow Blue River Cleaning to keep your fitness center clean and free of germs so that you can focus on helping your clients get and stay healthy.