Daycare Center Cleaning Services - Pittsburgh

Glue. And pretzels. And sneezes. Oh my!

Sound familiar? If it does, you must run a daycare full of energetic little ones that love to make messes and spread germs. There is glue on the table from craft time. There are pieces of pretzels under the book shelf from snack time. There are germs on surfaces being shared by all. Your focus should be on the little people, not on the cleaning.

Blue River Cleaning brings our knowledge and experience to the table when we create a customized cleaning plan to meet the needs of your daycare. We’ll focus on the details like scrubbing glue off of tables and removing handprints from glass. We’ll sweep up the snacks that have dropped on the floor. We’ll sanitize the bathrooms, water fountains, and door knobs to stop the spread of germs.
Blue River Cleaning will use our extensive cleaning knowledge along with your specific needs to choose the right solutions for your daycare. You may benefit from our Green Cleaning Solutions or perhaps you need us to employ an alternating cleaning schedule so that your daycare is always cleaned when you need it cleaned. We’re here to meet your needs.
Blue River Cleaning knows that a clean daycare matters not only to the health of the children but also to the conclusions that parents make about your facility. After all, a clean, neat daycare is the outward manifestation of how much you care about the children in your facility.

Make a positive, lasting impression by partnering with
Blue River Cleaning.

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Daycare cleaning services are available in Canonsburg, Robinson, Moon Township, Coraopolis, Bridgeville, Carnegie, Green Tree, Peters Township, Washington PA, and other locations south of Pittsburgh.