Medical and Doctors Office Cleaning - Pittsburgh

Critically clean.

The single most important factor to your medical facility is cleanliness. A clean facility projects a healthy, positive image to your patients inspiring their confidence in your ability to take care of them. Dust build-up and dirty floors will cause your patients to look for another doctor. But the unseen also matters…the germs and bacteria that are present must be properly disinfected so that infections don’t spread.

Blue River Cleaning leaves nothing to chance. We have written procedures in place for all aspects of our business so that we plan and execute a proper cleaning service program for your healthcare facility. First, we’ll meet with you to look at your facility and discuss your needs. Then, we’ll create a completely customized plan that meets those needs and stays within your budget. Finally, we’ll consistently and reliably follow this plan so that your facility is cleaned to specifications each and every time. And don’t worry…regular inspections are part of this plan.
Blue River Cleaning will use the proper cleaning products and equipment for your medical facility to ensure that we properly disinfect surfaces. Our disinfectants are hospital grade and we also use green cleaning chemicals when and where we can. Our color-coded microfiber cloth system and no-dip flat mops reduce cross contamination. Our experience allows us to choose the product that’s best for each situation; we don’t rely on a “one-size-fits-all” approach.
You know that your patients deserve the best treatment you can possibly give them, whether it is in an urgent care center or the family doctor’s office.
Start their care with a clean office. Let Blue River Cleaning handle this critical component to your success; you focus on the patients.